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  • Site Structure - How this Works

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    It all starts with a League. A League will contain one or more Series, and each Series will contain one or more Seasons. You can assign anyone as a League Admin (you are the League Admin when you create your league). Each Series can have its own admins as well. League Admins can do anything with the league, and Series Admins can do anything with that Series (create Seasons and Schedules, upload race results, etc.). Series Admins cannot change the League or create other Series.

    Once a Season is created, you can set up the points, bonuses, penalties, etc. for that Season. Do this by clicking the Edit Season link below your default Season (see Site Navigation). Points for race results can be assigned in one of two ways - by position, or by a spread. Position lets you define how many points the 1st place driver receives, 2nd place, 3rd place, etc. Spread lets you define how many points to award first place and how many for last place, then points are distributed from first to last place in equal increments. There are a number of bonus point options, where you can specify how many bonus points to award drivers for various things. You can also define penalty points for incidents (penalize X number of points for every Y incidents). Bonuses and Penalties are optional - you can leave them all at zero, or define them as you wish for each Season.

    Once a Season is created, a Schedule can be defined. At this point, a Scheduled Event is a placeholder for a future race. At a minimum, each Event requires a date. You can enter a name for the Event, and a URL to link to a web site with info about the event. You can choose a track and specify the number of laps, or leave it blank if you don't know which track will be used. You can edit the Schedule any time to assign or change the track or any other information about the Scheduled Event. A Scheduled Event can be set as an "Off Week", to note an off week due to a holiday, for example.

    Once a Season is created, you can upload race results. If you have created a schedule, you can upload results for a particular Scheduled Event, or just upload results and it will create a Scheduled Event for the date and track contained in the race results. After running a race in iRacing, find the Hosted Results for that race, save a file with the page source for those race results, then upload that file on this site. Specific instructions are on the upload page. When results are uploaded, the season's default points scheme (Position or Spread) is used to assign points based on each driver's finishing position. Bonuses and Penalties are also assigned at that time. A League or Series Admin can edit any of the race results any time after they have been uploaded or add, change, or remove Bonuses and Penalties.

    Site Navigation

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    At the top left of most pages, you'll see a Select/Change League link. Clicking this link will display a form to select an existing league. When you choose a league and click the Select button, a list of that league's Series is displayed and you'll see that league name in a larger font on the upper left of the page. Next to it, you'll see links for various League information. The first link is All Series. Click this link to see a list of all Series under that League. Click on a Series name to set it as your default Series.

    Once a Series is selected, you'll see that Series name below the League and its links in the upper left. Next to the Series name, you'll see links for various information related to that Series. Click the All Seasons link to view a list of Seasons below that Series. Click on a Season name to set it as your default Season.

    Once a Season is selected, you'll see it listed below the Series in the upper left, with links next to the Season name for various information about the Season, including Schedule, Standings, and Race Results.

    The default Season, Series, and League are saved as cookies, so they will be set automatically the next time you visit the site.


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    If you are logged in as a league or series admin, be sure to edit your profile and select your timezone. If you are not logged in, click the Set Timezone link on the upper right and choose your timezone. All series have a timezone settings, so whenever you view schedules, the race times will be converted so you can see what time races start in your timezone.

    About Leagues

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    A League contains basic information about a racing league. Browse the leagues any time by clicking the Select/Change League link at the top left of most pages (see Site Navigation). When you select a League, its name is shown at the top left of the page. The following links are displayed next to the league name:
    All SeriesDisplays a list of all of the league's Series. League admins see a link to create a new series.
    TeamsShow teams within the league. League admin can create and modify teams
    CalendarDisplays a calendar with car images to show when races are scheduled. League admins see iframe information and HTML code for the calendar. iframes can be added to other web sites to display the league calendar in several different configurations.
    ContactForm for anyone to contact league admin(s). League admin can choose if the admins can be contacted or not. League admin email address(es) are not shown.
    StatsDisplay various league statistics
    Edit League(Visible to league admins) Edit League name, description, URL, etc. League can be deleted if no series exist.
    League Admins(Visible to league admins) Add or remove other drivers as admins in your league. At least one league admin must exist.

    Creating a League

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    Creating a league is FREE and simple. Visit the main page and fill out the form at the bottom of the page to create a new league. Your login information will be emailed to you. If you do not receive an email within a few minutes, email dan@danlisa.com and I'll reply with your login info. After your league is created, you can create a Series and Season.

    About Series

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    A Series can also be thought of as a "Division". Some leagues run different series, or divisions. Each of these series will contain one or more seasons. Those seasons contain the schedule, standings, etc.

    After selecting a league and a series, the series is shown at the top left of the page (under its league). The following links are displayed next to the series name:
    All SeasonsDisplays a list of all of the series' seasons. League and series admins see a link to create a new season, and can choose which season is the "current" season for the series.
    ChampionshipsDisplay any current championships and which seasons are contained in the championship. League and series admins can create and edit championships.
    ContactForm for anyone to contact series admin(s). League or series admins can choose if the admins can be contacted or not. Series admin email address(es) are not shown.
    StatsDisplay various series statistics
    Edit Series(Visible to league or series admins) Edit series information, including timezone, time and date formats, and custom colors for schedules, results, and standings in iframes.
    Series Admins(Visible to league or series admins) Add or remove other drivers as admins in the series. Series admins can edit the series and create or delete seasons, schedules, etc. and upload race results (league admins can also do all of those things). A series can have 0 admins.
    Customize Series(Visible to league or series admins) Schedules, race results, and standings displays are fully customizable. League or series admins can choose from a number of available columns to display and the order in which they are displayed. There are three custom pages each for schedule, results, and standings. Each has the main display, seen on this site, and two iframe settings. For example, you might use one iframe customization to show a full list of standings in one area of your web site, and a second customization to show a small iframe with just driver position, names, and points.


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    A series can have Championships, which link one or more seasons within that series together to display overall standings. For example, some leagues run several seasons throughout the year (maybe Spring, Summer, and Fall). The Championship can tie all those together to combine all their race results into overall standings.

    About Seasons

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    A season is where the rubber hits the road (pardon the poor pun). A season contains a schedule of race events and uses uploaded race results to display results for those races and standings for the season. See Scoring Options for a list of how points can be assigned to race results.

    The primary element of the season is a scheduled event. League or series admins build a season schedule by creating multiple scheduled events. An event has a race date, a name, a track, number of laps, car(s) used, etc. The date is required but other items are optional and can be filled in at a later date. An event can be noted as an "off week", which will show on the schedule but will not contain race results.

    After selecting a league, series, and season, the season is shown at the top left of the page (under its series). The following links are displayed next to the season name:
    ScheduleDisplay the season's schedule and view race results. League or series admins can customize the schedule, add to the schedule, edit existing scheduled events, upload race results, or delete scheduled events. Below the schedule is a link to export in CSV format.
    Latest ResultsView the most recently-uploaded race results for the season, including any bonuses and penalties. League or series admin can change any of the results, add provisionals, or add, edit, and delete bonuses and penalties. Below the results are links to export the race results as CSV format or NR2003 format.
    StandingsView current standings with menu to view standings as of each race of the season. Standings can also be viewed in a large table to see all driver points race-by-race. League or series admin can customize the standings.
    CalendarDisplays a calendar with car images to show when races are scheduled. League or series admins see iframe information and HTML code for the calendar. iframes can be added to other web sites to display the league calendar in several different configurations.
    RosterThe season roster contains all drivers who have participated in a race in the season, plus any drivers added by league or series admins.
    Upload Results(Visible to league or series admins) Upload race results. This will add a new scheduled event to the season schedule. Use the upload on the schedule page to upload results for an existing scheduled event.
    Edit Season(Visible to league or series admins) Edit season info, point settings (see Scoring Options), and multi-class settings (see Multi-Class Seasons).

    Mult-Class Seasons

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    Multi-Class is when more than one car is used in a single race. If you know ahead of time that you will be running races with multiple cars, you can define Season Classes in your Season. A Season Class has a name and contains one or more cars. A car can only be used once in a Class (per Season). When race results are uploaded, if a driver's car belongs to a pre-defined Class, that driver's race information is tied to that Season Class.

    Class information will be displayed in Race Results and in Season Standings. Season Classes can use their own points, bonuses, and penalties, or use the ones defined for the Season. If no Season Classes are defined and race results are uploaded containing multiple cars, a Season Class is automatically created for each different car found in the race results.

    Scoring Options

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    Points are awarded to drivers in a number of customizable ways:
    Finishing Position:Specify points per finishing position, or a spread value (X for first place, Y for last place distributed in equal increments from first to last).
    Provisional Points:After uploading race results, Provisionals can be added for drivers who missed the race.
    Points Percentage:Assign points as a percentage of race laps completed. For example, if a driver earns 100 points for his finishing position, but only completed 95% of the race laps (laps down to the leader), he would receive 95 points instead of 100. Default is off (drivers receive full points).
    Negative Points:If penalties are used, it's possible for a driver to end up with negative points in a race. Negative Points settings allow you to choose if negative points are displayed, or rounded up to zero. Default is to display negative points.
    Keep Weeks:Define a number of races to keep, which keeps the highest X point totals in the season. For example, if there are 12 races in a season and Keep Weeks is set to 10, the Standings will reflect the 10 best scores. Default is to keep all races.
    Bonuses:Bonuses can be assigned for any of the following conditions in a race: Started on pole, Hard charger, Race winner, Led one or more laps, Led most laps, No incidents, Finished race, or Finished race with no incidents. A "Race Complete Threshold" can be defined for the "Finished Race" bonuses. This value can set how much of the race the driver must complete to earn the "Finished Race" bonuses. For example, if the threshold is set to 90, a driver must complete 90% of the race laps (with a status of 'Running') to be awarded the "Finished Race" bonuses. All bonuses are 0 by default (you have to assign them).
    Penalties:Penalties can be assessed based on how many incidents a driver racks up in a race. Drivers can be penalized X points for every Y incidents. Penalties are not used by default (you have to assign them).
    Custom Bonuses:Some Leagues award bonus points to drivers for entering a race with certain decals on their car. A Custom Bonus is defined by specifying a point value and drivers who deserve the bonus. Then, whenever race results are uploaded, if one of those drivers is in the race, he or she will receive those custom bonus points. There are no conditions to meet in order to receive the bonus points - the driver is awarded the points just for being in the race, regardless of finishing position or status (Running, Accident, etc.).
    Other Bonuses and Penalties:After uploading race results, the League or Series admin can add additional Bonuses or Penalties for any participant in that race.
    Multi-Class Bonuses and Penalties:Multi-Class Seasons can specify different bonuses, and penalties for each class, or use the Season default.

    Chase Options

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    You can add a "Chase" to your schedule that works similar to NASCAR's Sprint Cup Chase. The idea is that at some point in your season, a number of top drivers are awarded extra points so they can compete among each other for the overall championship. To create a Chase, view your season schedule, then click the Add Chase link at the top of the schedule. Options are:
    Chase Start Date:Date where the chase appears in your schedule. Choose a date between your regularly scheduled races. For example, if you race on Monday nights, choose any day from Tuesday through Sunday prior to your first "Chase" race.
    Chase name/title:Optional: Just like the "Event Name" in scheduled races.
    Number of drivers:How many top drivers will be included in the chase? Say you enter 10. When you activate the chase, the top 10 drivers in points at that time will be awarded the Chase points.
    Adjust current points leader:Enter a new point value for the current points leader. Depending on your point system, you should enter a value that a non-Chase driver will not reach if he wins out the rest of the season. If you enter 5000 and the points leader currently has 2000, he will be awarded 3000 points to bring his total up to 5000.
    Decrement each remain driver's points:Enter 0 to bring all Chase drivers up to the same point value, or enter a decrement value. Say you enter 5000 for the leader in the field above, then 10 for the decrement value. The leader will advance to 5000 points, 2nd place to 4990, 3rd place to 4980, and so on.
    Bonus for each win:Enter a value to award a bonus for each win a Chase driver has in races leading up to the Chase. Set it to zero to skip the bonus.
    Bonus for each pole:Enter a value to award a bonus for each pole position a Chase driver has in races leading up to the Chase. Set it to zero to skip the bonus.

    After creating a Chase, it appears in your schedule, with a link to activate it. Chase points will not be awarded until you click that link, so you can add a Chase any time - at the start of the season, or anywhere within the season after results have been uploaded. When you activate the season, a generic race is created that contains the Chase drivers with their points and bonuses (if applicable). Those points are then calculated into the standings. If you use "keep weeks" in your season, Chase points do not affect those (Chase points are always counted).

    Once a Chase has been activated, it cannot be edited. You can delete a Chase any time (using the fgRed X on your schedule). Deleting a Chase has no effect on uploaded results for other races in the season. If you have activated a Chase and need to change something about it, view and edit the race results for the Chase, or delete it and create a new one.