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League Series

Dirt & Asphalt Sim Racing Since 2011. Official Home of the Sheyenne River Speedway Sim Series. Weekly League Events on rFactor, nr2003, ASRX & iRacing.
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ActiveSeries NameURLStatsDescriptionCreatedNum Seasons
Yes OILRacing.com Truck Series OILRacing.com Truck Series Jan 1, 2018 1
Yes OILRacing.com Pro Late Model OILRacing.com Pro Late Model Series Jan 1, 2018 1
No OILRacing.com UMP Modified OILRacing.com UMP Modfied Series Apr 12, 2017 1
No OILRacing.com Dirt Street Stock OILRacing.com Dirt Street Stock Series Apr 12, 2017 1